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Apple Officially Responds to Open Letter From Final Cut Pro Editors to Tim Cook

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Final Cut Pro editors recently published an open letter to Tim Cook asking if Apple could do more to develop and promote the video editing application, especially in the film and television sector. The company has now officially responded to that letter (via Daring Fireball).


More than 100 credited editors added their names to the letter and it got a very public delivery. As noted by John Gruber, “That Apple responded at all is the story. Sounds like Apple does want to address the group’s concerns.”

In its reply, Apple clearly notes that it has plans to help address some important feature requests. “We also recognize the need to build on those efforts and work alongside you to help support your film and TV projects and keep you posted on important updates,” wrote the company.

“We would love to work with you to help support your film and TV projects, and we will continue to explore opportunities that allow us to better connect and foster important dialogue with our devoted community of users going forward.”

Apple further said that it will be launching new training products and certifications for pro video starting this month, and will also be establishing a panel of industry experts for regular consultations, starting this summer.

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