Apple May Struggle to Compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Says Goldman Sachs

A team of Goldman Sachs analysts led by Rod Hall has claimed in a recent note to investors that Apple may struggle to keep up with Samsung’s newly introduced Galaxy Fold if foldable smartphones become popular in the near term, Business Insider is reporting.


The analysts believe that the Galaxy Fold has a strong potential to challenge Apple in the ultra-high-end smartphone market. According to Goldman Sachs, if Samsung’s new foldable form factor does prove to be a hit, the South Korean company may postpone Apple from accessing the necessary display technology for use in its iPhones.

“In terms of competition for Apple we see the Fold as the main potential challenge in the ultra high-end with a compelling form factor that only Samsung’s foldable OLED technology can deliver in our opinion.

We see this as challenging for Apple who could find themselves with no access to the critical flexible OLED technology for which we believe Samsung has at least a two year lead over other display competitors”.

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold featuring a 7.3-inch foldable display alongside its new Galaxy S10 lineup and wearable devices on Wednesday. The device will go on sale April 26th, starting at $1980 USD (approx. $2,607 CAD).