Apple Seeks Separate Case Against 4 More Samsung Products including the Galaxy S III

Reuters reports Apple plans to ride the momentum of its recent $1.05 billion court victory over Samsung and move on to other smartphones that have infringed on Apple’s patents:

Seeking to capitalize on a major legal victory over its rival Samsung Electronics Ltd, Apple Inc has asked a federal court in a separate case to find that four additional Samsung products, including the Galaxy S III, infringe Apple’s patents.

Apple made a court filing today in U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, that added four additional Samsung products to the original list of 17 devices they believe have infringed on its patents.

AppleInsider notes the following amended complaint, which targets four new patents Apple plans to leverage against Samsung:

‘647 “Data Detectors” patent, the ‘721 “Slide-to-unlock” property, the ‘172 “Word completion” invention and the ‘604 “Universal search” patent.

Here is the complete list of Samsung phones listed in the court filing:

These infringing Samsung products include the at least 21 new smartphones, media players, and tablets that Samsung has released beginning in August 2011 and continuing through August 2012. Specifically, Samsung has imported into, offered for sale, or sold in the United States at least the following products, each of which infringes Apple’s patent rights: the Galaxy S III, Galaxy S III – Verizon, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S II Skyrocket, Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, Galaxy S II, Galaxy S II – T-Mobile, Galaxy S II – AT&T, Galaxy Nexus, Illusion, Captivate Glide, Exhibit II 4G, Stratosphere, Transform Ultra, Admire, Conquer 4G, and Dart smartphones, the Galaxy Player 4.0 and Galaxy Player 5.0 media players, and the Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus and Galaxy Tab 8.9 tablets.

It looks like the saying ‘when it rains, it pours’ is starting to happen in Apple’s pursuit against Samsung’s alleged copying practices. And it looks like Samsung is getting caught without an umbrella against the Apple legal hurricane.