Apple Store Goes Down Ahead of iPhone 6s Pre-Orders Tonight

The Apple Store just went down for the count, ahead of iPhone 6s pre-orders, set to kick off at 12:01AM PDT/3:01AM EDT tonight. If you’re just tuning in, please read our Canadian iPhone 6s Pre-Order Launch Guide, fresh off the press.

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I can tell you right now, the new Rose Gold colour option is going to be sold out quickly. Why? Because if you’re going to drop $1200 on an iPhone 6s Plus, you definitely want people to know you’re holding an iPhone 6s Plus. Am I right (note to self: order the Rose Gold iPhone 6s Plus)?

Screenshot 2015 09 11 18 01 19

If there’s one tip to give you right now: download the Apple Store iOS app and also grab your suitcase full of money. See you tonight!