Apple Store in London Ontario Confirmed by Online Job Postings

In late December it was noted that London, Ontario was rumoured to receive an Apple Store in the upper level of Masonville Place Mall. Well, those rumours can now be laid to rest as Apple has posted job listings for the London store on its website, as seen below:

The postings were listed on January 18th, 2012, and positions include the title of being an Apple ‘Genius’:

You’re fascinated by the way things work and the reasons they sometimes don’t. You sometimes rearrange your computer setup just for fun. You were the kind of kid who took things apart just to put them back together (correctly). If this sounds like you, you’re our kind of Genius. You’re here not only to help fix equipment, but to restore positive customer relationships with free technical advice and timely repairs.

Other rumoured Canadian retail locations include a store on Robson Street in Downtown Vancouver.

Thanks Eric!