Apple Surpasses Nokia as World’s Largest Handset Maker By Revenue

With yesterday’s Q2 2011 earnings call by Apple, another milestone has been reached by the surging California-based company. Apple is now the world’s largest handset maker by revenue.

  • Apple’s revenues from the iPhone: $11.9 billion for the quarter
  • Nokia’s revenues from all phones: $9.4 billion for the quarter
  • Apple iPhones shipped: 18.6 million
  • Nokia’s handsets shipped: 108.5 million

Apple accomplished this as their iPhones have a higher average selling price versus Nokia’s handsets:

  • iPhone: $638
  • Nokia’s handsets: $87

Nokia has teamed up with Microsoft to develop new smartphones. We haven’t seen any offerings yet, but once they start churning out units, will Nokia regain the glamour it once had, or is that a thing of the past?

[Digital Daily via Strategy Analytics]