Apple To Be World’s Top Mobile Chip Manufacturer By Year’s End

With the amazing sales of the new iPad and Apple not looking at slowing down anytime soon, Intel has a right to be worried as Apple may become the largest manufacturer of mobile chips by the end of this year according to Infoworld.

Apple currently sits at #2 with around 13.5% of the market share with 176 million devices sold. Intel currently has 13.9% market share and 181 million devices sold but a decline in products with Intel chips, and an increasing demand and sales of Apple products, paints a dire picture for the future of Intel processors.

Part of Intel’s problem is that it has no chips in the smartphone market until Medfield is released later this year and the PC market has been in steady decline and expected to be overtaken by tablet shipments by around 2015. When you add in Apple’s dominance in the mobile market while using ARM processors and Intel’s $300 million dollar gamble to compete against the MacBook Air, growing shipments of iPads and iPhones will make Apple’s presence a major force to be reckoned within this battle of the chip manufacturers.

Now of course the study did not take into account the dominance of Intel in the desktop arena, but with mobile devices becoming more and more popular are desktops going the way of the home phone to be replaced by cell phones?