Apple To Expand its iPhone Trade-In Program To Canada Soon


The iPhone trade-in program gives customers an affordable way of upgrading to a new iPhone. The offer, which can only be redeemed at an Apple store, allows any customer to trade in their iPhone (3G or later) for a store credit which they can use to purchase a newer iPhone.

The program was first introduced in the U.S in late August 2013, and in October the company expanded it into the UK. The program has yet to make its way into Canada, Apple’s largest retail market containing 29 store locations.

The expansion of the iPhone trade-in program to other countries is tied to agreements with Apple and recycling partners. In the United States and United Kingdom, Apple works with a company called BrightStar. It is likely that Apple is working with BrightStar and other firms to bring the program to other major countries such as Germany and France in the near future.

Previous job listings have shown Apple’s interest of moving the iPhone trade-in program to other countries, including Canada. According to Mark Gurman from 9to5Mac, a source with knowledge of the program says it will expand into Canada within the coming weeks.

The source says that training for Apple Store employees in Canada will begin this upcoming week…

Apple CEO Tim Cook designed the program, along with members of his executive team, to try and increase iPhone sales within Apple’s own retail stores.