Apple to Offer Fix for Slow-Loading Watch Apps with New Developers Tools

According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple will unveil new and improved programming tools for the Apple Watch developers next month, which will allow them to speed up their slow-loading watch apps. The report claims that this upgrade will be one of the “key highlights” of Apple’s annual WWDC event which will host over 5,000 software developers in San Francisco next week.


A number of Apple Watch reviewers have specifically criticized the time it takes for some apps and snippets on the Watch to load, something that pretty much defeats the whole point of having a gadget to deliver information at a glance. “I’ve seen it take up to 20, 30 seconds for something to happen, and that’s not uncommon for me,” Slaven Radic, chief executive officer of Tapstream Network said of the delays, adding that the watch screen sometimes turns off before apps get a chance to load.

“There are already about 4,000 apps for the Apple Watch. There’s software that actually runs on the device, and then apps that run on a linked iPhone and are controlled via Bluetooth. But the Watch has a punctuality problem: apps are slow to load. To fix that, Apple Inc. will unveil new tools for the programmers writing applications for the device”.

Jeff Williams, Apple’s senior vice president of operations, revealed last week at the Re/code conference that the software development kit (SDK) that will be previewed next week, will give developers the ability to write programs on the watch and access to the device’s sensors as well.