Apple To Open Five New Stores In Canada

In Canada, Apple has 15 stores, the majority of which are in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.

Starting in the Summer/Fall 2010, Apple will be opening five new stores in the following cities:

  • Quebec: Quebec City (one location)
  • British Columbia: Richmond Centre (Richmond; one location)
  • Ontario: Upper Canada Mall (Toronto; one location)
  • Alberta: Chinook Centre & Southgate (Calgary/Edmonton; two locations)

The Southgate Apple Store location has already opened on May 28, 2010 and we reported on finding job postings for the Richmond Centre Apple Store back in March 2010.

It is great to see more Apple Stores opening in Canada, as the more locations that there are in Canada, the more great support and service Canadians can receive. It also gives Canadians more outlets to purchase their unlocked iPhone 4!

Are you near one of the new and upcoming Apple Stores? Has the construction started?