Apple to Start iPhone 5S Trial Production in December Says Report


According to Digitimes, Apple is said to start trial production of the next iPhone 5S as early as December, based on a report from Taiwanese financial newspaper the Commercial Times. The latter reports the next iteration of the iPhone will have production volumes of 50,000-100,000 units.

Facing low yield rates in the production of iPhone 5, Apple has accelerated the certification processes for related parts and components for the iPhone 5S, the paper revealed.

The report also notes volume production will probably start in 2013 Q1, and also speculates a new iPad mini will be ripe for another release in Q2 next year since the smaller tablet debuted with a non-Retina display.

The iPhone 5 launched in September, less than a year after the iPhone 4S, which was made available in October of 2011. Below are the U.S. launch dates for the iPhone so far:

Original: June 29, 2007
iPhone 3G: July 11, 2008
iPhone 3GS: June 19, 2009
iPhone 4: June 24, 2010
iPhone 4S: October 14, 2011
iPhone 5: September 21, 2012
iPhone 5S: ?

Are we ready to upgrade already to the iPhone 5S?