Apple Acquires Fingerprint Tech Patents from Biometric Security Firm

CNN reports that Apple has purchased 26 patents from a Charlottesville, Virginia-based startup, Privaris, in a potential attempt to enhance Touch ID as we know it. Privaris attracted Apple’s interest to manufacturing tiny fingerprint readers that attach to a user’s keychain.


The news outlet suggests that Privaris could be Apple’s next acquisition, given the firm’s vast experience in fingerprint and touchscreen technology, an area of high interest to Apple. The first three patents were transferred to Apple on December 19, 2012, and the the remaining 25 on October 2014.

For example, one of Privaris’ patents covers the ability to use a touchscreen and fingerprint reader at the same time. Another invention of Privaris’ could allow you to open a door with your iPhone by scanning your fingerprint and holding your phone up to a reader, similar to how you pay for items with Apple Pay.
Most of Privaris’ patent portfolio is made up of fingerprint and touchscreen technology to make transactions, control machines, and back up personal data.

The connection between Authentec and Privaris was inevitable: Privaris selected Authentec’s fingerprint sensors for a series of products several years ago.

As CNN points out, Privaris has raised $29 million in funding. Looking at the company website, we find that the latest press release is dated November 17, 2009, in which the company announces a partnership with an intellectual property (IP) strategy consulting and licensing firm to market its patents and inventions. We don’t know if the transaction is the result of the aforementioned partnership.