Apple TV Hacked to Run Fullscreen iPad Apps in 720p [VIDEO]

iOS hacker @stroughtonsmith previously demonstrated a hacked second generation Apple TV running iOS apps without AirPlay. Further progress has resulted in day 2 of his tinkering, and last night he released another video this time showing fullscreen iPad apps running in 720p:

More MobileX goodness! Much of today was spent making apps run as the full-screen iPad versions. I started writing a new launcher from scratch for the TV form factor; as of right now it’s not using IR remote input – we’re controlling most things from VNC or over SSH.

Here you can see me demonstrating a few apps, like Facebook, Maps, Safari and YouTube. Most apps (and games) from the App Store should work too. As you can see, iOS kinda works on larger screens!

I’m @stroughtonsmith and MobileX was built by @TheMudkip, and we’ve spent the past two days together making this work on AppleTV. If Apple isn’t going to give us a way to make real AppleTV apps, then I guess we’ll have to make one ourselves 🙂

Check out the video below running the iPad version of Facebook, Google Maps, and Safari on his Apple TV:

@stroughtonsmith also notes the Apple TV can run resolutions other than 720p, as 1024×768 also works. He has confirmed the latest Apple TV is essentially a $99 computer that runs iOS. The sky’s the limit on what can be achieved with these hacks, especially since the Apple TV 4.4.4 Seas0nPass untethered jailbreak was released. Definitely impressive stuff.