Apple Updates App Store Look

Last night Apple began rolling out visual updates to its iTunes App Store (non-iPhone version). The refreshed look brings individual App Store page designs in line with the rest of iTunes 9.

Some of the primary changes to the App Store are listed below:

  • App descriptions have been cut to the first 2 lines by default. Users may expand the full app description if they choose by clicking a “more” link
  • App icons are larger
  • The left side of the app page includes nicely organized details such as version, rating and developer
  • Additional apps made by the developer are listed
  • App screen shots are more prominent

Not every app page has been updated yet, but the updates are rolling out fast, so users will begin to see the overall changes very soon. The App Store changes are minor but serve well to clean up both the look and feel of the App Store.

What do you think? Do the changes make navigation easier?