Apple Uses Hidden Web Page to Recruit for ‘Critical’ Cloud Infrastructure Role

A hidden page on Apple’s website was apparently being used to recruit an engineer for work on a “critical infrastructure component.”

The page, which was highlighted by ZDNet Editor Zach Whittaker and has since been taken down, was located at The page described the job as involving “exabytes” of data, “tens of thousands” of servers, and “millions” of disks.

The role called for a candidate able to design and implement scalable apps and web services, familiar with Java 8, modern servers, and distributed systems.

While not necessarily difficult for a seasoned engineer to find, the page’s unusual placement likely ensured a base level of proficiency.

It’s not clear when Apple disabled the page or if that means a candidate has been hired. It was also unclear which cloud service the company was referring to.

[via Business Insider]