Apple Infringing Open TV’s Video Streaming Patents, German Court Rules

Apple tv

Reuters reports that a three-judge panel at the Düsseldorf district court has ruled that Apple is infringing patents acquired by Swiss security company Kudelski’s OpenTV business, and could therefore force the company to remove some video streaming features from products sold in Germany.

The lawsuit was filed by the Swiss company back in May 2014. After nearly two years in court, the judges found Apple liable for patent violation ruling that Kudelski’s “claim is predominantly valid and well-founded.” The patents are owned by Open TV and sister company Nagra.

The ruling stating that Apple products sold in Germany should not use streaming software violating Open TV’s patent affects a broad range of Apple products, including iDevices, Apple TV, the Apple Store, and Mac computers.

At this point it is unclear whether Apple will appeal. What’s likely is that Apple will have to pay a 250,000 euro fine per infringement if it fails to comply, although the ruling did not specify how this would be calculated or what the total amount of penalties would be.