Apple Watch to Feature Only 4 GB of Storage and 512 of RAM, Analyst Says

The Apple Watch will include 512 MB of RAM, and the mainstream version will likely sport only 4 GB of internal storage, according to Cowen and Company analyst Timothy Arcuri. After checking his supply chain sources, the analyst sent a note to investors highlighting the above features and the possible list of suppliers for the eagerly awaited wearable device (via AppleInsider).

Apple watch

His remarks about the limited 4 GB of internal storage contradict earlier reports of 8 GB, but he doesn’t detail why Apple would opt for such limited storage. What he does mention, though, is that the most popular version will be that with 4 GB, in addition to the 8 GB, which won’t be the default configuration.

Arcuri also projects that Apple will tap Broadcom for the BCM43342 chip (found in the iPhone 5s), as it includes a GPS radio. His forecast, however, seems to contradict Apple’s statement that the iPhone will use GPS data.

Other suppliers mentioned in the report are NXP and AMS, for the NFC chip; power management ICs from Maxim Integrated Products and Dialog Semiconductor; a MEMS sensor from InvenSense; a microcontroller from STMicroelectronics; and Skyworks for the Wi-Fi chip.

The Apple Watch will launch in early 2015, with Apple charging $349 (USD) for an entry-level device.