Apple Watch Users Glance 60 to 80 Times Daily at their Wrists

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A new study by a web-based research firm, that conducts weekly surveys among some 2,400 Apple Watch owners, has revealed that Apple Watch owners check the time 30 or 40 times a day in interactions that last an average of 3.8 seconds (via Fortune). According to co-founder Bernard Desarnauts, the 1,450 respondents to this week’s survey use their watch an average of four to five times an hour, or 60 to 80 times a day.

Meanwhile, another chart (given below) from a study by Brown et al. at the University of Stockholm’s Mobile Life Centre, shows that in the space of a month, the participants used Apple Watch to take phone calls only eight times and to read mail only twice. They gave a dozen participants, seven women and five men, Apple Watches and wearable cameras, and captured on video 1,009 interactions over 34 days.

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So guys, how frequently do you glance or interact with your smartwatch?