Apple Watch, Rolex Most Popular Luxury Watch Brands on Social Media

Analysts firm Netbase last week released a luxury brand report, based on 700 million social media impressions from 2014-15 of people talking about watch brands, according to which the Apple Watch has even surpassed Rolex, the world’s number one watch brand, to become the most talked about luxury watch on social media, Business Insider is reporting.

The survey has however highlighted that Apple Watch being the most talked about watch, doesn’t necessary make it is the most-liked watch as well. In fact, a “passion index” included in the survey, which measures how favourable the impressions were, showed that Rolex was the most liked while the Apple Watch was the least liked of all watch brands.

While all the brands were smack in the “love” category of the chart, the largest circle of the somewhat-controversial Apple Watch was the least liked and least intensely, while Rolex was the most liked, with the most intensity. It’s good news generally for Rolex, which has seen overall mentions of their brand raise 48%.

Netbase has also revealed that the “passion index” for watches in general has risen to 77%, with the luxury brand category at 69% on average.