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Apple Will Reportedly Drop Notch on 2019 iPhone Lineup

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According to a report from South Korea’s Electronic Times, Apple will remove the notch from its 2019 iPhone lineup. Even though there are no specifications for the device in the report, the publication said that the screen will “completely fill the front of the new iPhones.”

In order to completely remove the notch, the company would have to position the front-facing camera and the TrueDepth Camera sensor for Face ID behind the display. The report did confirm that the 2019 iPhone will continue to use Face ID.

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Considering that we are so far out from a 2019 iPhone launch, it will be a little while longer before we learn anything about Apple’s official plans for their iPhone lineup.

As always, we recommend taking these reports with a grain of salt, especially since they are predicting something so far out in the future. However, if Apple manages to achieve this, it would be a clear breakthrough in the industry and would set the standard for devices that follow.

[via 9to5Mac]

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