Apple Wins Patent Infringement Suit As Samsung Fails To Comply With Court Orders

A new report by Bloomberg Businessweek points out Apple’s victory against Samsung in a patent-infringement case. The report states that U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal in San Jose, California, ruled that Samsung has failed to comply with court orders by not producing documents referencing Apple features and designs. The source also notes that Samsung, which was the world’s largest seller of smartphones last year, and Apple have filed at least 30 lawsuits against each other on four continents since April 2011.

Detailing from the source:

“The scale of Samsung’s production and the burden placed on it by the compressed case schedule and the numerous claims at issue are not in doubt,” Grewal wrote in the order. “That burden, however, does not negate Samsung’s obligation to comply with no fewer than two court orders specifying the production of documents that reference Apple’s products.”

“Samsung will respond in accordance with the court’s order and produce the requested documentation within the timeframe provided,” Adam Yates, a company spokesman, said in an e-mailed statement.

Apple has not officially commented on the ruling yet.