Apple Wins Suit Against Samsung, Bans Galaxy Smartphone Sales In Europe

AppleInsider has just reported that Apple has apparently won the suit against Samsung which was filed for Apple design patents violation, leading to a ban in sales of Samsung Galaxy smartphones in European Union. These handsets include Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S II and Samsung Ace. The ruling came from a court in Netherlands, according to the news source, located in the city of The Hague, which is set to take effect around mid-October and does not include Samsung Galaxy branded tablets.

Florian Mueller from FOSS Patents writes:

“In legal terms, the order does not bind Samsung’s Korean parent company — only three different Samsung subsidiaries registered in the Netherlands — with respect to other countries than the Netherlands,”

“However, it is my understanding that Samsung’s European logistics use the Netherlands as the primary hub. If Samsung’s Korean parent company wants to exercise its freedom to ship into other European countries despite this injunction, it will have to reorganize its logistics chain in Europe accordingly.”

This is yet another major win for Apple in the ongoing “battle of patents” with Samsung, after already having won a similar patients violation suit against Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia few weeks back!

What do you think guys, is Apple heading in the right direction here or is it being a little bit too aggressive? Could this move affect Apple’s future ties with Samsung, the major supplier of displays for its best-selling iOS devices?