CIRP: Apple’s Average Selling Prices Moved Up Last Quarter in the U.S.

In most recent quarters, Apple has increased its average selling price (ASP), Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) found after analyzing Apple’s quarterly sales and surveying US iDevice buyers.

While the iPhone’s price curve had mostly been stable in the past, the average selling price increased last year after the launch of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

Iphone price curve

The picture looks sightly different on the iPad’s side: After introducing the more affordable iPad mini, consumers opted to spend less on a tablet at the end of 2012. This, however, changed with the introduction of the Retina iPad mini and the iPad Air, which — according to the CIRP study — has quickly pushed the balance in favour of higher-priced models.

IPad price curve

After surveying US-based iDevice buyers, CIRP concluded that for both the iPhone and iPad, the newest models have been successful in pushing higher-priced devices, which also means higher margins.

“While in recent years both lines have been expanded to include closer to entry-level priced models, the moves in 2013 seemed a successful attempt to emphasize margin over volume,” said CIRP’s Josh Lowitz.