Apple’s Bozoma Saint John Named One of the ‘Most Powerful Women in Business’

After crunching through thousands of potential candidates across various industries — including finance, pharmaceutical, and retail sectors — Black Enterprise is here with the latest list of the Most Powerful Women in Business. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise that two Apple execs are part of the list.

These women have authority over budgets of billions of dollars and control subsidiaries, divisions, or departments, and dictate the direction of the businesses they lead, which obviously affects the fiscal health of those businesses.

“You could not find a better example of women of power than the female executives represented in this issue. Our editorial team developed this list to not only celebrate the black female business elite,” said BLACK ENTERPRISE President and CEO Earl “Butch” Graves Jr. “But to demonstrate that it requires unparalleled expertise and resilience to break through barriers that female executives continue to face today.”

So, who are the Apple execs who are part of this year’s list comprising of the 75 most powerful women in business? In the technology sector, Bozoma Saint John, Head of Global Consumer Marketing at Apple Music, Apple Inc. and Denise Young-Smith, VP of Worldwide Human Resources, are featured among other execs such as Felicia C. Guity (Microsoft’s Channel Officer Worldwide Public Sector — Education), Shellye Archambeau (CEO of MetricStream Inc.), and Bonita Stewart (Google’s VP of Global Partnerships).

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You can find the full list of the Most Powerful Women in Business on Black Enterprise’s website.