Apple’s Controversial iOS 15 Safari Tab Bar is Now Optional

Safari ios 15 tab bar

Apple’s iOS 15 Safari Tab Bar design is definitely a head-scratcher, as it moves the URL bar down to the bottom of the screen. But this controversial design has now become an option in iOS 15 beta 6, released on Tuesday for developers.

The Tab Bar is now optional in Safari settings on your iPhone. Under Settings > Safari, you’ll now see a toggle for Tab Bar or Single Tab, with the latter the original location for the URL bar as we’ve known it since 2007. There’s also an option now for ‘Landscape Tab Bar’, which you can also toggle off.

Apple is actually listening to beta testers, it appears, and have come up with a simple solution for the masses.

While the new Tab Bar is easier to access with iPhone displays getting larger and larger, it’s too radical of a shift for regular users including myself. Glad to see Apple has made this an option in iOS 15 beta 6—let’s hope it remains down the home stretch ahead of the final public release.