Apple’s Eddy Cue Dodges Questions at Sun Valley Conference

The Sun Valley Conference is currently taking place in Idaho and Apple CEO Tim Cook and vice president Eddy Cue are in attendance. The retreat is held annually by New York investment bank Allen & Co. and has attracted roughly 300 media executives and influential tech moguls. The consensus is Apple will possibly be making strategic talks with key cable executives for its future television and media plans.

Jessica Lessin, a former editor and reporter for The Wall Street Journal was able to quickly get a few words out of Apple vice president Eddy Cue, known for his ability to get deals done with media executives, which resulted in iTunes Radio.

JL: Do you have any comment on today’s antitrust ruling finding Apple guilty of colluding to raise the price of digital books?

Cue: (Smiles and shakes his head.

JL: Are you talking to any cable guys here?

Cue: There are cable guys here?

JL: How is Apple doing?

Cue: Great. We just launched iOS 7. It is in my pocket. It has a great new design. Makes your everyday life better.

(Smiles, flashes a peace sign and walks away).

Cue is an Apple executive veteran so he knows better than to say anything at these types of conferences. He was quick to avoid commenting on the antitrust ruling finding which found Apple guilty of price-fixing with other publishers.

What we do know is he is running iOS 7 and says it “makes your everyday life better.” We’ll find out soon enough in the fall.