Apple’s Free iOS App of the Week: Perchang


Perchang is Apple’s free app of the week. The game normally retails for $2.79 and is free for this week only.

The game is made up of 60 stunning levels that test your coordination skills and puzzle solving abilities. Every level of the game is filled with Rube Goldberg machines that you must use to guide tiny metal balls to their goal.

The developers promise easy controls that allow anyone to pick up the game and play with ease. There are gold medals and achievements to collect if you are capable of completing each stage in record time and complete other tasks.

Here is a list of in-game features:

– 60 Stunningly rendered 3D courses to test your skills.
– Simple controls with deep mechanics so anyone can pick up and play.
– From flippers to teleporters, there are loads of unique gizmos to guide the balls through levels.
– Tax your brain and solve puzzles by switching the colours of mechanisms.
– Hit your goals quickly to collect all the gold medals.
– Use all your skill and wits to earn achievements.
– Unlock the special Gold Runs for the hardest challenges!

Perchang is available as a free download (normally $2.79) from the App Store. The game requires any iOS device running iOS 8.0 or later. The app contains in-app purchases costing around $2.79.