Apple’s iOS 5 Helping Microsoft Hotmail Grow With Over 100,000 Signups Daily

An interesting report published by The Next Web (via Windows Live blog) suggests how iOS 5 is proving beneficial for Hotmail’s rapid growth, especially through mobile devices. It is claimed that over 2 million customers have connected Hotmail to iOS devices since the release of iOS 5 with over a 100,000 new iOS 5 devices being set up with Hotmail every day. The main reason for this sudden “Hotmail surge” is the simplicity with which a Hotmail account can be linked to an iPhone, iPod or iPad in iOS 5’s native

Here’s a simple chart showing Hotmail signups on iOS 5 devices with major contributions from iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S.

According to the source:

Hotmail has around 360 million unique monthly users, so the overlap between the iOS gadget owners and Hotmail users must be quite wide. But there is something vaugley dirty, you must feel, about Hotmail on an iPad. It’s a bit like bringing a 1999 Honda Accord to an open track day. It’s a bit out of place.

Of course, Hotmail has been making strides to capitalize on its massive userbase, and to combat the rise of Gmail, which will eat its proverbial midday meal if it doesn’t radically reform. It appears to be trying to do just that, if its most recent product news is any indicator.

As an iOS 5 user, do you prefer Hotmail over Gmail as your primary email provider?