Apple’s iOS Runs HTML5 Games Faster Than Android

Apple fanboys have a new feather to place in their cap today after a newly released infographic, based on a study by cross platform developer The results show that regardless of how you look at it running HTML5 games on an iOS device gives you faster results when compared to its Android counterpart. created their own benchmark called PerfMarks to track HTML5 performance:

iOS performed three times better at running HTML5 games than Android, according to the new study. created a benchmark dubbed PerfMarks to test performance at running HTML5 code.

The benchmark tested a device’s ability to animate image movement — a key measure of game performance. The report measures the number of moving images on a screen at 30 frames per second (FPS), a frame rate which provides a near-native user experience.

Now it’s also interesting to note that the iPad 2 showed significant improvements when it started running iOS 5.0.1 compared to 4.3.3. Once again showing that Apple’s inclination to produce both the software and the hardware for their products yields advantages over Android.

However, Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) itself is an improvement over older iterations and gave over 100% increase in running HTML5 games but still could not compete with the iPhone 4S or iPad 2.

So what do you guys think about Apple running games faster than Android? Will the next Android update show greater gains? Or will it just take developers a little longer to get used to running ICS?

[via Venturebeat]