Apple’s SDK Press Conference Summary

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Remember when I posted about Apple hosting their SDK conference on March 6th? Well, it happened yesterday and boy did Apple announce some very interesting updates coming in the future. Let’s quickly summarize what was announced today, for those who haven’t read about it already.

Engadget was live on the scene and they have a very detailed account of the play by play (read up on it if you want more details). Don’t feel like reading through it all? Here is a summary of what we can expect soon for our precious iPhones, in an upcoming firmware update. These new features are catering to the business/enterprise crowd (they have been holding out on the iPhone):

  • Native Microsoft Exchange support (ActiveSync has been licensed!)
  • Push email/calendar/contacts
  • Global address list
  • Cisco IPsec VPN
  • Certificates and Identities
  • WPA2/802.1x
  • Enforced security policies
  • Device configuration and remote wipe


What about the SDK update? 

Developers will pay $99 to access the Dev Program. Apps created will be available to download via a new AppStore program installed on the iPhone (similar to the iTunes store). Developers will get 70% of sales and 30% will go to Apple for costs involved with running the store.

Apple is making a kit that seems very easy and friendly to use for software developers. So get ready for some cool apps to come our way! I would love to see a native Skype app…as this would be awesome once you enter some free WiFi areas. =)

Let the jailbreaking game come full circle again once the new firmware update is released! Yahooo!

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