Apple’s Siri Can Finally Tell You What Oprah is Reading

Hey siri oprah

Apple’s Siri has gained a new skill when it comes to the company’s Books app, as the virtual assistant can now tell you what Oprah Winfrey is reading, as part of some Oprah’s Book Club news shared on Tuesday.

Oprah’s Book Club on Apple Books is promoting the Gilead novels, by Marilynne Robinson, and everybody’s favourite ‘queen’ wants you to follow along on the journey.

“With the Gilead novels, Marilynne Robinson has created a small universe through which we can explore what it is to be human,” says Oprah. “What is love? What is despair? What does it mean to be a good person? Can we forgive ourselves?”

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While Siri may not understand 99% of your requests, you can rest assured the assistant can explain what Oprah is reading at the moment, when summoned. All you have to ask is, “Hey Siri, what’s Oprah reading?” and the following will show up:

Oprah siri

After you get your answer from Siri, the next step is to look under your seat to find a free copy of the Gilead books and possibly another windfall of gifts and surprises, like a new car.