Apple’s “System Status” Page Lets You Track iCloud Service Outages

In the last couple of weeks, a lot of iOS 5 / iCloud users have been complaining about experiencing bad connectivity and syncing issues across multiple devices. These have sometimes been caused by periodic iCloud outages disabling use of services like Documents, Photo Stream, Backup & Restore via iCloud. Luckily, now there is a way to check iCloud’s status via the official “System Status” support page on Apple website. However, as John Gruber points out, there is still no way to tell if Siri is having a downtime or not, something Apple should add to the status page as well.

As posted on Daring Fireball:

iCloud System Status: the piece earlier today on transparency regarding Siri downtime — Apple should include Siri availability on the iCloud status page. Just a simple way to check whether an outage is on Apple’s end, before you start troubleshooting on your end.

With the help of Apple’s “System Status” page, you can not only check the current iCloud status but also view a list of recent outages and updates from Apple along the users affected for that timeframe.