AppShopper Website Continues to Track iOS App Store Data

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While the AppShopper app is long dead, the website continues to provide app tracking data from the iOS App Store. The website is one of the oldest app tracking websites on the internet, and was launched just after a month Apple debuted the App Store back in 2008. The service took a boost with the launch of the AppShopper app in 2010, but in 2012, Apple pulled the app from the App Store, among other apps, removing all apps that promoted other apps.

Here’s what Arnold Kim, the founder of AppShopper as well as MacRumors and TouchArcade, writes on Medium:

AppShopper Social launched with much fanfare as the return of AppShopper! We managed to work our way around Apple’s new rules, and things were great! All the effort was worth it! But, there was a lot we left out of the app, so we were going get to work on adding some of those features back in over time. But first, we submitted a quick bug-fix, and… we were immediately rejected. Same reason, Apps that promote other apps aren’t allowed.

I had since taken a step back from AppShopper, though I still love the site. Not long ago, we launched a responsive design and have been slowly adding other new features. The latest is the addition of more 3rd party reviews to our App details.

So in case you’ve been wondering about the current status of AppShopper, this should answer all your questions.