Are You Waiting in Line for the iPhone 4?

Tomorrow is a big day–the iPhone 4 goes on sale in Canada! We’ve already heard pricing details from Rogers and Bell (Telus is MIA). Don’t forget to read our iPhone 4 Launch in Canada FAQ to catch up to speed.

There are already eager iPhone 4 enthusiasts waiting in line across Canada. @iPhoneArena is in line at West Edmonton Mall. @kmore and @chrisonhismac have been in line since 9am PST at the Pacific Centre Apple Store here in Vancouver. They’re there not only for the iPhone 4–but to put their waiting to good use by raising money for charity (I’ve already donated $100–will you contribute too?).

Waiting in Line Outside the Pacific Centre Apple Store

Our original plan was line up at 11pm PST. But, the line up was picking up steam around 3pm PST, so @anothersamchan and myself got down here in line on Granville Street at 6:30pm. We are 30th or so in line, and right now as of 11:27pm PST the line is about 60-70 people deep.

I talked to my sources and the Apple Store here is reported to have about 1000+ iPhone 4 units in stock at the Apple Store here at Pacific Centre. So come early and you have a very good chance of getting one. Here are some pictures of the IPHONEINCANADA.CA NATION sporting custom made tshirts and stickers!