Asymco: Apple, IBM Global Partnership is the Biggest News of 2014

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Asymco’s Horace Dediu believes Apple’s announcement of a global partnership with IBM, in an effort to change enterprise mobility and bring IBM’s big data and analytics capabilities to the iPhone and iPad, was the biggest technology news of 2014. He notes that “this new union is profoundly important”, as it indicates and evidences change on a vast scale.

“Both can achieve their goals better if they join forces: Apple offers assistance and expertise while obtaining access and lubrication for orifice entry. IBM offers modularized access to databases through its own APIs and obtains credible client experiences. The combination increases adoption of mobile (i.e. intuitive) solutions and an increase in productivity, benefiting the buyer.

The recent apps release showed just how transformative this relationship could be. We were witnesses to apps which appeared to be designed for users[!] They were not designed for committees that prepare checklists of requirements”.

Earlier this month, the two companies delivered the first wave of apps, with Air Canada announcing initial support for IBM MobileFirst for iOS solutions.