August Mobile Traffic Dominated By iOS Devices [INFOGRAPH]

While this may seem blatantly obvious, iOS devices account for a majority of mobile traffic. If that wasn’t an astounding fact, then maybe the exact statistic may shock you.  During August of 2012 mobile-ad firm Chitika completed a study of mobile traffic in the United States and Canada. They found  65.03% of traffic came from iOS devices. That number rose 1.29% from a similar study in July of 2012.

The closest trailing competitor was Samsung sitting on the 10.91% of mobile traffic mark. Even with Samsung’s flagship phone the Galaxy S3 reportedly beating out the iPhone 4S in August, they weren’t able to gain much on Apple. To stay positive, Samsung mobile traffic increased by 1.56% since July.

I have found this growth excellent for Apple, primarily considering they haven’t had any recent product releases. It just stirs my thoughts, what type of growth will they see with the New iPhone?

Below you will find a infograph put together by Chitika. The data is composed of traffic on websites who use Chitika advertisements.

[via Cult Of Mac]