iPhone 12 to Feature ‘Refreshed’ TrueDepth Camera System, Lightning Connector Dropped by 2021: Barclays

This year’s iPhone lineup will reportedly feature an updated Face ID system.

According to a new report from MacRumors, Barclays analysts say the iPhone 12 lineup will feature a “refreshed” front-facing TrueDepth system, and 2021 could finally see the removal of the Lightning connector from at least one iPhone model.

Previous rumours have already suggested that the next iPhone may come with a new Face ID configuration, possibly with a smaller notch to maximize display size.

The report further suggests that Apple’s iPhone 12 “Pro” models will feature a 3D-sensing time-of-flight (ToF) camera and 6GB of RAM — these are already-reported specs for the upcoming iteration of iPhone. All the models will feature OLED screens, assuming the previous report mentioned all of these details turn out to be true.

Lastly, the Barclays analysts also corroborate Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s claim that Apple could ditch the Lightning connector as early as next year in the highest-end iPhone model. This would be the first iPhone to be completely port-free, thus relying solely on features like wireless charging and AirDrop.

This either means that the iPhone 13(?) will switch to the Type-C USB connector, or Apple will finally embrace an all-wireless future by outright removing the charging ports from its phone lineup.

Removal of the charging port will also mean Apple will no longer have to bundle a charger or wired earbuds anymore, saving more costs in the process and improved margins. Of course, there’s still some time remaining for the 2020 iPhone keynote to kick-off, followed by a 2021 launch so it’s recommended to treat this info with a pinch of salt.