Hands-On with Apple Watch Reveals Battery Life Details and More

Apple has been working on improving the Apple Watch’s battery life — and apparently succeeded — according to sources speaking to Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac. However, the up-to-5 hours (an increase from the 2.5 to 4 hours that were reported earlier) of heavy app usage will still force owners to charge it overnight, just like Tim Cook does, to have a functional Apple Watch during the day.

Apple watch

The sources corroborated features mentioned in earlier reports, such as the “Power Reserve Mode,” which can be activated by a Battery Glance or through the Settings app of the Watch. Fortunately, the sources did not see any “meaningful” impact on the connected iPhone’s battery life while using the wearable.

The Battery Glance will show the percentage of battery life remaining, the amount of time since the last full charge, and a large button to activate Power Reserve Mode. Power Reserve Mode can even be accessed when the Watch has a full 100% charge, and it is not solely activated when the Watch’s battery life is low. The mode noticeably dims the display, slows down communication with the iPhone to an on-demand level, and puts the display to sleep after roughly two seconds of inactivity. One unit tested allowed access to all Apple Watch functions while in Power Reserve mode, while another unit was limited to the Clock face.

An interesting tidbit is the precision of the heart-rate sensor, which is something doctors would be skeptical about. The sources say the readings were “seemingly accurate,” so this allegedly prompted Apple to allow users to see their Beats Per Minute at any time when accessing the Glance.

The Apple Watch will allegedly include 8 GB of storage — at least the prototypes tested by the sources do. The companion app detailed earlier by 9to5Mac will allow users to install and delete apps on the Watch.

Also, the device feels fast overall, but don’t try to install 200 Watch apps — because this will slow it down. The display is said to be the “best [smartwatch] screen” (something that you’d expect from Apple for that price you pay).

The 9to5Mac report goes on and details how users will be able to power the device on, how to force-quit apps, and the features expected in Settings. We will find out more on March 9 at 10:00 a.m. PT.

Image credit: MixYourWatch