Ryan Seacrest’s BlackBerry Keyboard iPhone Case Returns as the ‘Typo 2’ [PICS]

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Last December it was revealed celebrity host Ryan Seacrest had invested $1 million into a physical keyboard case for the iPhone, which basically was a knock off of a BlackBerry keyboard. BlackBerry slammed the accessory as a deliberate copy and eventually won a court order banning sales of the Typo keyboard case this March.

Fast forward to today and here we have ‘take two’ as they say in Hollywood. The iPhone keyboard case is back, but is now known as the Typo 2. It looks similar to a BlackBerry keyboard but not a straight up copy like before. It comes with a backlit keyboard, battery life indicator and attaches right to your iPhone and is currently available for pre-order for $99 USD.

Check out more press images below:

Typo5s Shot3 slim 1024x1024

Typo5s Shot6 Final 1024x1024

5s Shot2 Final 1024x1024

5s Shot1 Final 1024x1024

The Typo 2 says pre-orders are shipping mid-September and will ship outside the USA but brokerage fees and duties may occur. I wonder how long this will last before BlackBerry shuts them down again—or do you think this updated version will be able to bypass the lawyers?