This Bra Opens Only with “True Love” or an iPhone [VIDEO]


Referred to as the ‘love-detecting bra’, this new automatic bra is probably the weirdest gadget I’ve ever come across and I’m pretty sure you’d agree as well. According to the developers, this bra will only open its front clasp if ‘true love’ is detected where, as CultofMac puts it, “true love” means “iPhone” and “detected” means Bluetooth. You’ll get a better idea when you see the “True Love Tester” bra video at the end.

“The bra works by measuring the wearer’s heart rate, and sending the reading to an iPhone app. The app then determines the true-love quotient and – if it is reached – pops the clasp, freeing the breasts within. And of course, a raised heart rate is the perfect error-free metric for determining whether to unclasp a boulder holder.”

The video shows scientists, bras popping off busty mannequins and the “science” behind the True Love Tester. You’ll see men trying to rip open the bra, but are foiled by the Bluetooth clasp, all while the wearer stands there, confident and with her “heart rate remaining at a safe, non-true-love level”.

It’s really hard to put into words how the “True Love Tester” bra works so, take a look at the video below and share your thoughts with us in the comments section: