Buying An iPhone? Recycle Your Previous Phone!

You’ve picked your Canadian wireless carrier, you’ve picked your plan, you’ve picked your iPhone model, and now you’re ready to make the switch to the last cellular device you’ll ever use. But what to do with that inferior device you are replacing?

Recycle it of course!

When replacing a previous mobile device with a new one, such as the iPhone, the point of sale from one of the four wireless carriers (Telus, Bell, Rogers, Fido) will be happy to recycle your previous device. There are websites online that will pay you for your previous generation tech, but depending on the type of model, sometimes the device has no value. That is where the recycling comes in.

There is a website available called that, among giving you some interesting statistics and information (did you know that only 12% of used mobile devices in Canada are currently being recycled?), provides you with a postal code based search to find the closest cellular device recycling point to you.

Whether you are switching to the iPhone or just want to dump 10 years of previous generation cellular hardware, will help you find the closest recycling point.

Due to the chemical-laden nature of mobile devices, it is never good to throw your device into the trash or to throw it outside somewhere. There are specific areas to drop off your mobile devices where the device will be properly recycled and disposed of.

So when you are ready to make the iPhone switch or are just wanting to recycle some old cellular tech, be kind to the environment and recycle!