Calgary-Developed ‘Peeple’ App Launches in North America


Calgary-developed ‘Peeple’ app, which allows users to rate other humans on a scale of one to five stars, is now available in North America.

The app, which is basically Yelp-like service for people, allows users to rate and provide reviews for people they come in contact with in their professional, personal, or dating life. Peeple has faced a lot of controversy since it was announced in October.

“We are a concept that has never been done before in a digital space. We want character to be a new form of currency. Peeple will provide you a safe place to manage your online reputation while protecting your greatest assets by making better decisions about the people around you.”

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Here is a list of in-app features:

– Create your profile

– Recommend people and be recommended in three categories (Personal, Professional and Dating)

– Share any recommendations on social media and over text/email

– Share your profile and the profile of others on social media and over text/email

– Message anyone in the app

– Search for and add friends from Facebook

– Agree with a recommendation

– Like a profile

Peeple for iOS is available as a free download from the App Store. The app requires any device running iOS 8.0 or later.