Camera+ 5 Released with New Icon, ‘The Lab’ & Much More

Not long ago, Tap Tap Tap’s Camera+ ($1.99) received a fresh new look for iOS 7, to go along with new shooting features and sharing improvements and today, the popular photography app has received another major update, introducing tons of new editing options, shooting mode refinements and much more.

cam 5

In addition to an all new app icon, Camera+ 5.0 brings a bunch of new editing options and filters in a dedicated new tab called “The Lab”. These include a clarity pro filter for fine tuning vibrancy, a straightening tool, a tint option, a duotone filter, film grain filter, and a few more. Similarly, the shooting mode has been improved so that you have easier access to the exposure compensation and exposure lock option.


Here’s what’s new in Camera+ 5.0:

Clarity Pro 

At the head of The Lab you’ll find Clarity Pro, which gives you adjustable Clarity and also adds a Vibrancy Boost adjustment which really brings out the life in your photos. 


Not only can you manually straighten your photos in The Lab… we’ve also included a slick auto-straighten feature. 


Easily tone your photos whatever color you please. Go just a tad to set a subtle mood, all-out to make a bold statement, or anything in-between. And if you’re having a hard time choosing a color, simply roll the dice to get a random one… will it come up lucky seven or snake eyes?? 


This takes the Tint adjustment and brings it to a whole other level. Try it. We’ll leave it at that. 

Soft Focus 

Give your photos a beautiful, ethereal quality with Soft Focus. This one’s addictive so promise not to overuse it, ok? 

Film Grain 

For the look of analog film. Fully adjustable so you can get the exact look you want. 


This can often be the answer to a photo that came out a bit blurry. 


Soften harsh pics. Or go to the extreme to make the perfect iOS 7 wallpapers. More on this later… 😉 


Take it down for a cool, faded look. Or crank it up to make your pics pop. 


Easily enables you to make your pics look “warmer” or “cooler”. It can be used for a simple compensation, or turned way up for a bold look. 


Photo overexposed? Underexposed? This is the fix. 

Brightness & Contrast 

Two classic photo adjustments. You’d think that not much needs to be said about these two… but we went out of our way to make them look really good. 

Highlights & Shadows 

Boost or cut the bright and/or dark parts of your photos. Compensate for imperfect lighting conditions, or go for an intense, artistic effect. 


Top-off the perfect set of adjustments with a stylish Vignette. Not only can you put on a traditional dark one, you can also go light for an airy feel.

Download Camera+ for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [Direct Link]