Camera Shootout: iPhone 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. HTC One M9


Apple’s latest iPhone ads have been used to show off the iPhone 6’s great camera abilities. CNET put the Apple iPhone 6 up against two other top flagship smartphones in a camera shootout. Apple’s latest iPhone ads have been used to show off the iPhone 6’s great camera abilities.

To compare how well the cameras of the latest flagship smartphones perform, CNET took the iPhone 6 (8MP), the Samsung Galaxy S6 (16MP), and the HTC One M9 (20MP) around the San Francisco area. To get an accurate result, all three cameras were used to capture scenes in as many real-world lighting scenarios as possible.


Each photo was taken within minutes of each other, at the same location and the same distance from the object in focus.

The iPhone 6’s biggest strength is in low-light environments, where the device was able to produce sharper and more natural looking photos. Unlike the other two smartphone cameras, the iPhone 6 managed to significantly reduce the amount of lens flare from the different bright light sources in the photo (car and traffic lights).

The Galaxy S6 seemed to capture lively photos that were more appealing to look at when shooting in a scene with plenty of natural light. Samsung’s flagship device offers more true-to-life photos in most scenarios. In comparison, the HTC One M9 blew out and overexposed the photo in the majority of situations. This proves that a high megapixel count on your camera doesn’t always mean better photos.

Even though the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6 were very close in terms of camera quality, the One M9 proved to be a disappointment.The reporters over at CNET ended up crowning the Samsung Galaxy S6 as the winner. You can check out all the images from this link.