Campers Start Lining Outside Apple’s Fifth Avenue Store Ahead Of iPhone 5S/5C Launch

Even though Apple’s scheduled Special Event is less than 5 days away, the actual launch of iPhone 5S and 5C is not going to happen until at least 10 days after the media event. However, Apple enthusiasts have already started camping outside the company’s flagship Fifth Avenue Retail Store in New York, reports MacRumors.

Iphone 5s fifth avenue launch line

The report claims that two representatives from SellYourMac arrived outside the Fifth Ave. store for a 2 week campout, though they were not the first ones in line outside the flagship store, which is believed to be one of the most high-profile launch sites due to its 24-hour operation and iconic glass design. Ahead of them were two other campers, who claimed their spots at the front of the line last night.

“While early lineups are frequently done as promotional stunts rather than campers arriving simply as devoted fans, with some early campers at past launches even receiving sponsorships to promote brands while they wait, it seems that the bar is continually being raised with campers now arriving even before Apple has announced anything. 

According to Sell Your Mac’s Jon Murphy, the campers have yet to have any discussions with Apple’s store staff about their plans, but the line is forming in its usual spot on the plaza outside the store’s landmark glass cube.”

Apple is expected to start selling the iPhone 5S / 5C in Canada and other first-wave countries on September 20th.