Canadians’ Use of Technology At Home Increases by Double-Digit Percentages During Pandemic: CTA

A new study by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has revealed that Canadians’ use of technology at home has increased by double-digit percentages during the global pandemic, with online video services seeing the biggest gain.

According to the study, online streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ have seen monthly viewership increases of 53 percents, while 46 percent of Canadians are watching more live TV now than before.

The study discovered that 17 percent of Canadians are using a streaming service for the first time, while 11 percent are using a streaming service that offers live TV options, such as YouTube TV. On top of that, 43 percent of Canadian households have begun to use video conferencing services like Zoom and Houseparty more than ever before, while nearly half of those surveyed said they were using social media more often.

“Use of video communication and social media apps has skyrocketed across the world and Canada is no exception,” said Lesley Rohrbaugh, director of research at CTA. “As people stay at home, many are willing to try new products and services and tech is enabling them to do so. The current crisis may have long-lasting impacts on Canadians’ use of technology, with more than two in five (43 percent) saying they anticipate continued use of these products and services once the COVID-19 outbreak has subsided.”

Additionally, 22 percent of Canadians are now using online delivery services for household items, while almost half of the responders admitted to using “contactless delivery” services or plant to use them in the future.

Overall, the survey revealed how Canadian consumers have recently felt about technology in light of the pandemic:

  • 65 percent say at-home technologies have helped them feel less isolated while quarantined at home;
  • 62 percent now appreciate how important it is to have up-to-date technology products in their home;
  • 61 percent agree the ability to purchase products online has been a huge convenience during the COVID-19 crisis; and
  • 58 percent indicate their use of online services has increased greatly as a result of being at home.

As of May 11, the number of confirmed and probable coronavirus cases in Canada sits at 69,981. That’s 1,133 more than the day before. Most of those cases are in Quebec and Ontario, though all 10 provinces and two of the territories have been impacted by the virus.