Canada Ranks 26th Worldwide for Overall Mobile Experience: Study

Based on over 1.4 billion mobile speed tests over a 12 month period has placed, a new study has ranked Canada 26th in terms of overall mobile experience that subscribers get, which makes it the leader in North America.


According to Tutela’s 2020 Global Mobile Experience Report, Norway leads the way with the highest Excellent Consistent Quality at 89.6%. Excellent Consistent Quality is a way to measure the best mobile experience by looking at how often a user’s connection is good enough for demanding applications.

Canada placed 26th overall for Excellent Consistent Quality, with a result of 79.1%. It placed joint 23rd overall for Core consistent Quality, with a result of 94.7%. However, where Canada really excelled was median download speed, where Canada placed 4th globally at 29.2 Mbps.

Canada’s performance makes it the leader in North America, top for Excellent Consistent Quality (ranked 26th overall). Canada also came top for Core Consistent Quality (ranked joint 23rd overall).

Individual countries that excelled in their region were Singapore and South Korea in Asia, Australia and New Zealand in Oceania, Canada in North America and Uruguay in South America.

Despite the marketing hype around faster speeds, above a point faster speeds deliver little in terms of network experience improvement. Switzerland, who had the fastest median download speeds, was ninth when it came to Excellent Consistent Quality.

Meanwhile, Denmark’s subscribers had the best core mobile experience in the world with 97.5% of connections meeting the study’s thresholds for day-to-day activities.