Canadian Developer Targets Distracted Driving With ‘OneTap’ App


With the number of distracted driving cases increasing over the past several years, a mobile app device in Calgary has developed a solution.

The app, which is called “OneTap,” allows drivers to pay complete attention to the road as the app takes care of everything else. The service can be started manually by the user before they start driving, or the app can detect when you are driving and start the service automatically.

The app will automatically respond to any incoming calls, texts, and emails with an automated message saying “I’m driving, I will return your message as soon as possible.”

Ted Hellard, the owner of the development company behind the app, says that distracted driving is a hard habit to break, but for the sake of the safety of yourself and other motorists it is never too late to start.

“When you text, it takes approximately 4.6 seconds, the average text. It’s the equivalent of driving the length of a CFL football field, at 55 mph, completely blind.”

Even Police Chief Rick Hanson is applauding the move, saying that this will be good self-regulation and he says innovations like this should be supported.

OneTap is currently available on the Google Play Store, but the development of an iPhone version is already well underway.

[via News Talk 770]