Canadian Telecoms Must Update 911 System with Texting Support by 2020: CRTC

The CRTC said that it will require that Canada’s telecommunication companies update their networks to be ready to provide next-generation 911 services by the end of 2020.

The CRTC will also be decommissioning existing 911 networks by the middle of 2023. This effort will encourage multiple municipal and provincial governments to make the transition.

The CRTC said that the new 911 services, which will allow people to send text and video messages to emergency services, will be made available as emergency call centers are updated to support the new technology. The decision on whether or not to upgrade the call centers will be made by municipal governments.

The Canadian regulator is also asking Public Safety Canada to help ensure a smooth transition by creating a national coordination body of call centers and emergency responders.

[via The Financial Post]