Majority of Canadians Willing to Embrace Usage-Based Car Insurance Apps

A recent web survey carried out by Leger on behalf of belairdirect has found that a significant number of Canadians drive less than 10,000 kilometers a year and could save a lot with usage-based car insurance apps. The survey shows that while 71% of vehicle owners drive at least five days a week, 32% are actually driving less than 10,000 km annually.


Domenic Naccarato, belairdirect’s Deputy Senior Vice President said that the new and improved belairdirect app “combines the enhanced automerit tool, cutting-edge technology, machine learning powered algorithms and a reimagined customer experience”. 

The automerit tool offers customers a personalized discount on their insurance for safe driving, and for those in Ontario, they may now be eligible for a discount for driving fewer than 10,000 km annually.

The survey reveals that 80% of Canadians agree that technology helps simplify their lives and is necessary for businesses and society to evolve (79%), and those aged 18-34 embrace technology the most. The survey found that 74% of Canadians would agree to use an app that tracks their driving habits.

Choosing to drive less offers a number of benefits and saving money ranked among the top reasons. According to the belairidrect survey findings, Canadians identified what they believe to be the top four reasons for wanting to get off the road, including:

  1. Saving money related to owning and operating a vehicle (75%)
  2. Reducing carbon footprint, emissions and helping the environment (36%)
  3. Limiting the number of kilometers on the vehicle (32%)
  4. Cutting down on the commute to work (11%)

To learn more about the automerit usage-based insurance program, visit this page.